GMK+ Rainbow USB – Type C Cable


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Behold the GMK+ Rainbow USB – Type C Cable, a symphony of aesthetics and functionality that elevates your typing experience to the next level. Crafted with precision and passion, this cable is not just a conduit for electrons; it’s a statement, an expression of your love for the tactile dance of keys beneath your fingertips.

At its core lies the Type C connector, a marvel of modern connectivity. Effortlessly versatile, it ensures a seamless connection, embracing your keyboard with a snug fit that guarantees a stable link. The braided exterior, reminiscent of artisan keycap textures, is not merely a shield but a testament to durability. Unleash your typing prowess without fear of wear and tear; this cable is built to endure the rhythmic dance of keys for eons.

The Rainbow color scheme isn’t just a palette; it’s a celebration. Each hue is carefully curated, reflecting the diverse personalities of mechanical keyboards and the vibrant community that surrounds them. With a chromatic gradient that transitions seamlessly from key to key, this cable is a visual symphony that brings life to your desk.


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