GMK+ Pastel Blue USB – Type C Cable


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Dive into the enchanting world of GMK+ Pastel Blue USB-Type C Cable, where form meets function in a symphony of elegance and efficiency. Crafted for the discerning keycap and keyboard connoisseur, this 1.2m cable is not merely a connection; it’s an aesthetic statement that elevates your setup to a realm of unparalleled sophistication.

Picture this: a cable that transcends the ordinary, dressed in a soothing pastel blue hue reminiscent of a clear summer sky. GMK+, known for its commitment to quality, has not only perfected the color but also the tactile experience. The cable feels as delightful as it looks, with a smooth and flexible exterior that effortlessly complements the sleek curves of your favorite peripherals.

The USB-Type C interface is not just a port; it’s a portal to seamless connectivity. Embrace the future with this cutting-edge connection standard that ensures lightning-fast data transfer and a secure fit every time. Whether you’re gaming, typing, or simply navigating the digital landscape, the GMK+ Pastel Blue USB-Type C Cable ensures a reliable link between your device and the world.


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