GMK+ Black USB – Type C Cable


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Indulge your mechanical keyboard in the epitome of connectivity elegance with the GMK+ Black USB-Type C Cable—an absolute symphony of form and function for the discerning keycap enthusiast.

Crafted with meticulous precision, this cable is not just a means of connection but a statement of style. The obsidian black hue, reminiscent of a moonless night, wraps around the durable, braided exterior like a cloak of mystery. The attention to detail extends to the connectors themselves—USB and Type-C ends plated with a lustrous sheen, ensuring not just conductivity but a visual harmony with your prized keyboard.

Unleash the power of a seamless and swift connection that goes beyond mere utility. The GMK+ Black USB-Type C Cable boasts a robust core that effortlessly transmits data, allowing your keystrokes to dance effortlessly across the digital realm. Feel the tactile satisfaction as each press is effortlessly translated into a symphony of commands.


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