GMK+ Black Rough Use USB – Type C Cable


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Introducing the GMK+ Black Rough Use USB-Type C Cable – where form meets function in the world of keyboard connectivity. Crafted with the discerning keycap and keyboard enthusiast in mind, this 1.2m cable redefines the very essence of a USB cable, elevating it to a pinnacle of style and performance.

Immerse yourself in the sleek allure of the Black Rough Use exterior, a design born from the marriage of sophistication and rugged durability. The textured surface not only adds an irresistible tactile dimension to your setup but also ensures that this cable can weather the storm of everyday use with unwavering resilience.

At the heart of innovation lies the USB-Type C connector, a nod to the cutting-edge technology that fuels our digital interactions. This cable seamlessly integrates into your keyboard setup, providing a secure and efficient connection that mirrors the precision you demand from your peripherals.


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