GMK+ Joker USB – Type C Cable


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Introducing the GMK+ Joker USB – Type C Cable, a symphony of connectivity and style that will elevate your keyboard experience to unprecedented heights. Crafted with the precision of a keycap artisan and the flair of a keyboard virtuoso, this 1.2m cable is the epitome of form meeting function.

Embark on a journey of seamless connectivity as you indulge in the USB – Type C prowess of the GMK+ Joker cable. Compatible with a myriad of devices, it effortlessly bridges the gap between your keyboard and the digital realm. With a length of 1.2m, it offers the perfect blend of freedom and flexibility, allowing you to weave through your setup with ease.

What truly sets the GMK+ Joker apart is its aesthetic prowess. The cable is not merely a conduit of electrons; it is a visual symphony that harmonizes with your keyboard, adding a touch of sophistication to your desktop ensemble. The keycap-inspired design, reminiscent of the most coveted artisanal creations, ensures that every glance at your setup is a visual delight.


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