GMK+ Black USB – Type C Keyboard Cable


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Embark on a sensory journey with the GMK+ Black USB – Type C Keyboard Cable, where form seamlessly meets function, and your typing experience is elevated to a symphony of perfection. Crafted with the precision of a maestro’s baton, this cable is not just a conduit for data; it’s an ode to the tactile dance between your fingers and the keyboard.

Measuring at a harmonious 1.2 meters, the cable gracefully weaves its way into your setup, ensuring connectivity without the entanglement of excess length. The USB – Type C interface is the crescendo of modernity, providing a seamless and reversible connection that mirrors the symmetrical beauty of your favorite keycaps.

Indulge in the aesthetic allure of the GMK+ Black, a shade that transcends the ordinary and ventures into the realm of keyboard noir. The cable’s exterior is a tactile delight, offering a smooth, matte finish that invites your fingertips to explore its surface as you navigate the realms of your digital world. The cable doesn’t just connect; it resonates with the elegance of a mechanical switch actuating beneath your fingertips.


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