GMK+ Vivid Green USB – Type C Cable


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Indulge your fingertips in a symphony of sophistication with the GMK+ Sweet Tones USB-Type C Cable—a keyboard and keycap connoisseur’s dream accessory. Crafted with an expert touch, this 1.2-meter cable is more than just a connection; it’s an aesthetic journey that elevates your typing experience to new heights.

Engineered with precision, the USB-Type C interface ensures a seamless connection, letting you dive into your work or gaming with the speed and reliability you deserve. Bid farewell to the days of clunky connections and embrace the future with a cable that effortlessly marries functionality with finesse.

The Sweet Tones USB-Type C Cable is not just a conduit of data; it’s a visual delight. Drenched in a palette of soft, pastel hues, each keycap-shaped connector is a work of art. Picture the serenity of a spring sunrise or the gentle gradient of autumn leaves—now imagine that beauty translating into your workspace. This cable transforms the mundane into the extraordinary, ensuring that every keystroke is accompanied by a visual symphony.


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