GMK+ Sweet Purple USB – Type C Cable


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Indulge your keyboard senses with the GMK+ Sweet Purple USB-Type C Cable—a masterpiece crafted for discerning enthusiasts who demand both functionality and flair in their mechanical keyboard setup. This cable isn’t just a link between your peripherals; it’s a symphony of design and performance that elevates your typing experience to new heights.

Draped in a luscious Sweet Purple colorway, this cable is a visual feast, reminiscent of velvety grape vines in a moonlit vineyard. The GMK+ Sweet Purple USB-Type C Cable isn’t just an accessory; it’s a statement piece that speaks volumes about your commitment to style in every keystroke.

Beyond its aesthetic allure, this cable boasts impeccable engineering. The Type-C connector ensures a swift and secure connection, minimizing input lag and delivering a responsive typing experience. The cable itself is woven with precision, providing both durability and flexibility for a tangle-free existence on your desk.


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