GMK+ Minimalist Black USB – Type C Cable


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Draped in a sleek, jet-black sheath, the GMK+ Minimalist Cable exudes a minimalist elegance that complements any keyboard ensemble, from vibrant keycap sets to monochromatic masterpieces. The USB-Type C connector ensures a snug and reliable fit, promising uninterrupted data transfer and a charging experience that’s as swift as your typing skills.

But this cable is more than just eye candy; it’s a workhorse in disguise. The premium materials and meticulous construction guarantee durability that stands the test of time, handling countless keystrokes and unplugs without a hint of wear. Whether you’re engaged in an intense gaming session or embarking on an epic typing adventure, the GMK+ Minimalist Cable is your steadfast companion, ensuring a seamless connection every time.

The 300-thread count copper core within this cable is a testament to its commitment to performance. Transmitting signals at lightning speed, it minimizes latency, delivering a responsive and lag-free experience. Say goodbye to the days of missed keystrokes and lag-induced frustration; the GMK+ Minimalist Cable is here to elevate your keyboard game.


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