GMK+ Sky Blue OEM Custom Keycap Set


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Our Sky Blue keycap set is more than just a collection of keys; it’s an invitation to explore new horizons. With 108 meticulously crafted keycaps, this set is designed for full compatibility with your keyboard, offering a comprehensive solution for both standard and custom layouts. Dive into a world of creativity and expression as you adorn your keys with the calming allure of the sky.The Sky Blue keycap set features the universally beloved OEM profile, celebrated for its gentle curve and natural, sculpted shape.

Our Sky Blue keycap set is more than just a color; it’s a mood, a feeling, a journey into tranquility. Each keycap is meticulously dyed in a serene shade of sky blue that captures the essence of a cloudless day. This is not just a keyboard; it’s a portal to serenity, a moment of respite in the midst of your busy day.Express yourself and make your keyboard a true reflection of your personality with the GMK+ Sky Blue OEM Custom Keycap Set. The set includes various-sized keycaps, including specialized keys for different keyboard layouts, making it compatible with a wide range of mechanical keyboards. It’s the canvas upon which you can paint your own unique masterpiece, whether you’re a gamer, a writer, a coder, or an artist.


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