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Introducing the GMK+ Vibrant Turquoise OEM Custom Keycap Set – a work of art that brings a wave of creativity to your mechanical keyboard. With a total of 117 exquisite keycaps, each crafted with precision and care, this set transforms your typing experience into a vibrant turquoise dream. Say goodbye to ordinary and embrace the extraordinary.

The first thing that strikes you about the GMK+ Vibrant Turquoise keycap set is the vivid, mesmerizing hue. The vibrant turquoise shade is reminiscent of clear tropical waters, inviting you to dive into a world of limitless possibilities. It’s the kind of color that ignites your imagination and inspires you to explore new horizons with every keystroke.

Made from premium PBT, these keycaps are built to last, ensuring you enjoy their beauty and functionality for years to come. The PBT material not only enhances the durability of each keycap but also provides a satisfyingly textured surface that feels fantastic under your fingertips. Typing on this set is an experience that’s unmatched in its tactility and comfort.

The GMK+ Vibrant Turquoise OEM Custom Keycap Set embraces a layout compatible with most keyboards, so you can effortlessly enhance your typing experience, no matter your keyboard’s brand or size. The set includes all the necessary keycaps to outfit your keyboard, from the alphanumeric keys to the function row, and even the unique and specialty keys, ensuring a seamless, cohesive look across your entire keyboard.

What truly sets this keycap set apart is the artistic interpretation of the Vibrant Turquoise theme. Each keycap is a canvas for creative expression, featuring delicate graphics, intricate patterns, and stunning illustrations that showcase the essence of this enchanting color. Whether it’s the playful portrayal of aquatic life on the Shift keys or the serene palm trees on the Enter key, every keycap tells a story of the vibrant turquoise world.

For those who love customizing their keyboards, the GMK+ Vibrant Turquoise OEM Custom Keycap Set provides endless opportunities. Mix and match keycaps to create a unique, personalized keyboard that’s as bold and beautiful as your personality. With 117 keycaps at your disposal, you can explore your creativity and build a keyboard that truly reflects your style.

Installing the GMK+ Vibrant Turquoise keycaps is a breeze. The set is designed with an OEM profile, which is a universally popular choice among mechanical keyboard enthusiasts. It ensures compatibility with a wide range of keyboard layouts and is known for providing a comfortable and ergonomic typing experience. The keycaps fit snugly on your switches, ensuring stability and precision in every keystroke.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal and compatibility, this keycap set is also designed to be highly functional. The legends on each keycap are clear and easy to read, ensuring you can type quickly and accurately. The legends are also resistant to wear and fading, so your keyboard will look as good as new even after extended use.

With the GMK+ Vibrant Turquoise OEM Custom Keycap Set, you’re not just upgrading your keyboard; you’re transforming it into a piece of art. Every time you sit down to type, you’ll be transported to a world of vibrant turquoise waters and endless creativity. It’s not just a keycap set; it’s an inspiration for your daily work and play.


Teclas de perfil OEM para teclado mecánico Cherry MX Switch, 117 teclas, blanco, verde, PBT, doble disparo, tapas ISO personalizadas, bricolaje


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