GMK+ Ocean Star OEM Custom Keycap Set


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Introducing the GMK+ Ocean Star OEM Custom Keycap Set—an oceanic masterpiece for your mechanical keyboard. Dive into a world of sublime aesthetics and superior functionality with this meticulously crafted keycap set.

Unleash the beauty of the deep blue with 104 keys designed to transform your keyboard into a captivating seascape. The Ocean Star theme, inspired by the vastness of the ocean, brings a wave of tranquility to your fingertips. Each key is a work of art, featuring intricate designs that mirror the ebb and flow of the tide.

Akko-teclado Monsgeek MG108B Ocean Star SP, dispositivo de tamaño completo, perfil OEM de intercambio en caliente, multimodo, RGB, Bluetooth 5,0, 2,4 Ghz, tipo C



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