GMK+ Rainbow White Full Mechanical Keyboard


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Behold the GMK+ Rainbow White Full Mechanical Keyboard—an ethereal symphony of design and functionality that transcends the ordinary and elevates your typing experience to a realm of sublime perfection. Crafted with the meticulous precision of a virtuoso, this keyboard is not just a peripheral; it’s a masterpiece.

Picture this: Each keycap is a canvas, delicately adorned with the vibrant hues of the rainbow. The gradient seamlessly dances across the keys, creating a visual feast that’s as mesmerizing as it is functional. Typing becomes a sensory voyage as your fingers traverse the landscape of premium, sculpted keycaps, each press a tactile sonnet.

But beauty is not skin deep in the GMK+ Rainbow White. Beneath the surface lies a symphony of mechanical switches that sing with every stroke. Choose your preferred switch – be it the resonant click of the Blues, the smooth actuation of Reds, or the tactile feedback of Browns – and immerse yourself in a tactile odyssey tailored to your preferences.


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