GMK+ Orange Full Mechanical Keyboard


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Unleash a symphony of tactile delight with the GMK+ Orange Full Mechanical Keyboard—an opus of precision engineering and aesthetic finesse. With a symmetrical layout boasting a harmonious 99 keys, this keyboard transcends the mundane and beckons the discerning typist into a realm of sublime keystrokes.

Crafted for the connoisseur of clacks, the GMK+ Orange flaunts an exclusive mechanical architecture that ensures each keystroke is a dance of responsiveness. The mechanical switches, meticulously chosen for their sublime tactile feedback, transform typing into a melodic experience, where every key depression feels like a crescendo of productivity.

Draped in a luscious shade of sunset orange, the keycaps are a visual sonnet, evoking warmth and creativity. The legends, etched with precision, gleam like constellations, guiding your fingers through a cosmic typing journey. The keycap profile, a symphony of sculpted perfection, invites your fingertips to explore the nuanced contours of each key with effortless grace.


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