GMK+ Rainbow Metallic USB – Type C Cable


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Behold the epitome of keyboard cable excellence, the GMK+ Rainbow Metallic USB-Type C Cable! This 1.2-meter marvel is not just a cable; it’s the bridge that connects your keyboard to the very heartbeat of your digital realm.

Crafted with the precision and finesse that only true keyboard artisans understand, this cable transcends the mundane, elevating your typing experience to a symphony of colors and connectivity. The USB-Type C interface ensures a seamless connection, promising lightning-fast data transfers and a snug fit that leaves no room for compromise.

But what truly sets this cable apart is its rainbow metallic sheath, a shimmering cascade of hues that dance and play with every keystroke. It’s not just a cable; it’s a visual symphony, an ode to the aesthetic cravings of the discerning keyboard connoisseur. Picture the ethereal glow of a neon-lit cityscape as you embark on nocturnal typing adventures, the cable gleaming like a cosmic serpent in the dim glow of your command center.


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