GMK+ Penguin MA Custom Keycap Set


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Introducing the GMK+ Penguin MA Custom Keycap Set, a symphony of sophistication and whimsy that transforms your keyboard into a work of art. Crafted for the discerning keyboard enthusiast, this 130-key masterpiece combines the impeccable quality of GMK keycaps with the charm of Penguin MA’s unique design.

Immerse yourself in the tactile wonderland of GMK+ Penguin MA, where each keycap is a brushstroke on the canvas of your keyboard. The legends, rendered in GMK’s signature crisp and durable doubleshot ABS plastic, boast a contrast that’s not just visually stunning but promises longevity even under the most frenetic typing sessions.

The colorway is a dance of cool blues and vibrant whites, reminiscent of a wintry landscape where the playful penguins frolic. The legends themselves, inspired by the artistic finesse of Penguin MA, weave a tale of elegance and charm across your keyboard, making each keystroke a poetic expression.


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