GMK+ Black Lotus MA Custom Keycap Set


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Indulge your fingertips in the sublime sensation of keystrokes with the GMK+ Black Lotus MA Custom Keycap Set—a symphony of sophistication for the discerning keyboard enthusiast. Crafted with meticulous precision and an unwavering commitment to excellence, this set transforms your mechanical keyboard into a work of art.

Inspired by the mystical allure of the lotus flower, the keycaps boast a sleek black canvas adorned with intricate, golden blooms. The legends, crisply engraved with GMK’s renowned double-shot molding, ensure longevity and enduring elegance. With 129 keys in total, including novelties and accents, the set invites you to embark on a visual and tactile journey like no other.

Designed for compatibility with a myriad of layouts, from the sleek tenkeyless to the expansive full-size, GMK+ Black Lotus MA embraces versatility without compromising on aesthetics. The legends, bathed in a lustrous golden hue, dance across the surface, guiding your fingers with grace.


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