GMK+ Green White MDA Custom Keycap Set


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Dive into the lush world of mechanical keyboard aesthetics with the GMK+ Green White MDA Custom Keycap Set—an exquisite blend of form and function that transcends the ordinary. Crafted for discerning keyboard connoisseurs, this set is a symphony of style and sophistication.

Let’s start with the keycap profile: MDA, a design choice that elevates typing to an art form. The MDA profile is like a well-tailored suit for your fingertips, offering a harmonious balance between sculpted and flat surfaces. Each key is a canvas, capturing the essence of tactile pleasure with a subtle curvature that feels just right.

With a generous offering of 140 keys, the GMK+ set is a comprehensive palette for your keyboard masterpiece. The verdant green and pristine white color scheme evokes a sense of serenity, reminiscent of a tranquil meadow bathed in moonlight. The legends are delicately crafted, ensuring longevity without compromising on the visual allure.


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