GMK+ Merry Christmas MDA Custom Keycap Set


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Embark on a festive journey with the GMK+ Merry Christmas MDA Custom Keycap Set, a dazzling collection that transforms your keyboard into a winter wonderland of holiday cheer. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this set of 130 keys encapsulates the spirit of Christmas, merging high-quality design with a touch of yuletide magic.

Picture your fingertips dancing across a sea of MDA-profiled keycaps, each one adorned with intricate Christmas-themed designs. From delicately snow-dusted evergreen trees to jolly snowmen wrapped in scarves, every key tells a story of the season. The legends on the keycaps are elegantly rendered in GMK+’s signature font, ensuring a visually stunning and legible typing experience.

The color palette is a symphony of festive hues – deep emerald greens, rich crimson reds, and shimmering gold accents that evoke the warmth of a crackling fireplace. The keycap set is a meticulous blend of ABS plastic, ensuring durability without compromising on the tactile pleasure of typing.


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