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Introducing the GMK+ Bunny Single Keycap – a tiny titan that transcends the ordinary and propels your keyboard into the realms of cuteness and craftsmanship. Crafted with the precision that only GMK+ can deliver, this keycap is more than just a peripheral, it’s a statement piece for your mechanical masterpiece.

Let’s start with the aesthetics. The Bunny Single Keycap is a miniature marvel, featuring a meticulously designed bunny silhouette that captures the essence of charm and whimsy. The details are extraordinary, from the perky ears to the delicate whiskers – each curve and contour exuding personality. It’s not just a keycap; it’s a work of art for your fingertips.

But beauty isn’t skin deep, especially in the world of keycaps. Constructed with GMK+’s signature double-shot molding process, the Bunny Single Keycap ensures durability that stands the test of time. The legends are crisply defined, and the colors are vibrant, creating a visual feast every time your fingers dance across the keyboard.


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