GMK+ Coral Sea Single Keycap


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Dive into the mesmerizing depths of mechanical keyboard aesthetics with the GMK+ Coral Sea Single Keycap. Crafted with the precision and passion that only true keycap connoisseurs can appreciate, this artisanal gem is more than a mere accessory—it’s a statement piece for your keyboard masterpiece.

The Coral Sea’s color palette dances with the grace of ocean waves, blending serene turquoise hues with hints of deep indigo and coral pink. Each keycap is a canvas, meticulously designed to evoke the tranquility of a tropical seascape, making typing an immersive, sensory experience. The legends are subtly engraved, allowing the vibrant colors to take center stage while ensuring durability for extended use.

Constructed with GMK’s legendary quality, these keycaps are made from double-shot ABS plastic, ensuring a satisfying tactile feel with every keystroke. The profile, sculpted to perfection, caters to both typists and gamers alike, providing a harmonious balance of form and function.


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