GMK+ Blush OEM Custom Keycaps Set


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The GMK+ Blush OEM Custom Keycaps Set features an OEM profile, renowned for its comfort and compatibility. The sculpted design of the keycaps cradles your fingers, ensuring every keystroke is a smooth and effortless journey. The slightly curved keycaps embrace your fingertips like a gentle caress, making typing an absolute pleasure. The Blush theme comes to life with a subtle yet captivating color palette. Soft, rosy pinks blend seamlessly with gentle creams, creating a harmonious and inviting look. Whether you’re working on a project or indulging in a late-night gaming session, the soothing colors of the GMK+ Blush OEM Custom Keycaps Set provide an aesthetically pleasing backdrop for your keyboard.

Each keycap in this set is a testament to craftsmanship. The legends are meticulously designed, ensuring durability and readability. Whether you’re a professional typist or a casual user, you’ll appreciate the attention to detail that goes into every keycap, ensuring they stand up to your daily use. With 134 keycaps in the set, you have ample opportunities for customization. Create your own unique layout, highlight your most-used keys, or mix and match to express your individuality. The GMK+ Blush OEM Custom Keycaps Set empowers you to transform your keyboard into a work of art that reflects your personality. Imagine typing on your keyboard and feeling like you’re brushing your fingers against the soft petals of a delicate flower. The GMK+ Blush OEM Custom Keycaps Set offers a sensory experience that goes beyond typing. It’s a tactile journey that allows you to connect with your keyboard on a whole new level.

GMK+ Blush OEM Custom Keycaps Set


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