GMK+ Blacky USB – Type C Cable


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Introducing the GMK+ Blacky USB-Type C Cable – a masterpiece crafted for the discerning keyboard aficionado who demands both performance and aesthetics. This cable transcends the mundane, elevating your typing experience to new heights with its blend of functionality and style.

At the heart of this cable lies a Type-C connector, ensuring seamless compatibility with the latest keyboards and devices. The GMK+ Blacky is not merely a cable; it is a statement piece for the modern keyboard enthusiast. The obsidian black sheath, a tribute to elegance, is not just about aesthetics – it houses a robust, durable core that guarantees longevity even amidst the most intense typing sessions.

Crafted with precision, this cable’s connectors feature gold-plated pins that enhance conductivity, ensuring a lightning-fast and reliable data transfer. Every keystroke resonates through the cable with a symphony of efficiency, translating your commands with unparalleled accuracy.


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