GMK+ Black WOB SA Custom Keycap Set


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Introducing the GMK+ Black WOB SA Custom Keycap Set, a premium upgrade for your mechanical keyboard that combines sleek aesthetics with unparalleled tactile satisfaction. Elevate your typing experience with 160 meticulously crafted keycaps, each designed to deliver a luxurious feel and a distinctive visual appeal.

The GMK+ Black WOB SA set is a testament to the fusion of form and function. With a striking black colorway that exudes sophistication and versatility, these keycaps are perfect for any setup, whether you’re a professional typist, a gaming enthusiast, or someone who simply appreciates the finer things in life.

Designed in the iconic SA profile, these keycaps boast a sculpted, spherical shape that conforms to your fingertips for a comfortable and ergonomic typing experience. SA profile keycaps are renowned for their high-profile design, providing a satisfying keypress that enthusiasts crave. The set includes 160 keycaps, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of layouts and ensuring every key on your keyboard receives the premium treatment it deserves.

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