GMK+ Fishing Blue SA Custom Keycap Set


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Dive into the immersive world of mechanical keyboards with the GMK+ Fishing Blue SA Custom Keycap Set, a masterpiece designed for enthusiasts who crave both aesthetics and functionality. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this set boasts 160 keys that redefine the very essence of customization.

Inspired by the serene depths of the ocean, the Fishing Blue theme takes you on a visual voyage. The rich, deep blue hues mimic the tranquil waters, while subtle gradients and hints of aquatic life add an element of mystery. Each keycap is a canvas, telling a unique story through its intricate design.

Engineered with SA profile, these keycaps offer a sculpted, spherical shape that caters to the connoisseurs of typing comfort. The smooth, high-profile curves cradle your fingers, ensuring a tactile dance with every keystroke. The legends, adorned with a bespoke font, are not just letters—they are strokes of typographic art, elevating your typing experience to new heights.


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