GMK+ Black Gaming Full Mechanical Keyboard


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Indulge in the symphony of clicks and clacks with the GMK+ Black Gaming Full Mechanical Keyboard, a masterpiece designed for true aficionados of tactile perfection. Crafted with the discerning keycap enthusiast in mind, every keystroke on this mechanical marvel is a dance of precision and responsiveness.

Immerse yourself in the allure of GMK+ Black’s sleek, obsidian exterior that exudes an air of sophistication. The keycaps, adorned with the iconic GMK+ font, are not just keys—they are your portal to a world where every press is a statement and every stroke is a whisper in the symphony of gaming. The legends, backlit with the gentle glow of customizable RGB lighting, bring your gaming station to life, creating an ambiance that is both powerful and enchanting.

Beneath the surface, the keyboard houses a symphony of mechanical switches, meticulously chosen for their superior actuation and reliability. With each key, experience the delightful tactile response and audible click that only the finest mechanical switches can deliver. Whether you’re in the heat of a gaming battle or typing away on a quest for literary greatness, the GMK+ Black ensures that your fingers glide effortlessly across its terrain.


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