GMK+ White Full Mechanical Keyboard


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Introducing the GMK+ White Full Mechanical Keyboard – the epitome of keystroke luxury and design finesse. Crafted for enthusiasts, this keyboard stands as a testament to the artistry of mechanical key switches, offering a symphony of tactile precision and aesthetic brilliance. With a staggering 99 keys, each press is a voyage into the realm of unmatched responsiveness and immersive typing experiences.

The GMK+ White doesn’t just stop at functionality; it is a visual masterpiece. The keys, adorned in a pristine white hue, create an atmosphere of elegance and simplicity. The minimalist design doesn’t compromise on performance, but rather enhances the overall aesthetic appeal. Every keycap, a canvas for your fingers, is an embodiment of ergonomic excellence, ensuring fatigue-free typing for prolonged gaming sessions or work marathons.

Beneath the sleek exterior lies a symmetrical arrangement of Cherry MX mechanical switches, the holy grail for keyboard aficionados. Each keystroke is met with a satisfying click, a testament to the keyboard’s commitment to providing a responsive and tactile experience. The keycaps themselves, made from high-quality double-shot ABS plastic, ensure durability and resistance to wear, promising a keyboard that stands the test of time.


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