GMK+ Yellow Rainbow KCA Custom Keycap Set


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 Embark on a chromatic journey with the GMK+ Yellow Rainbow KCA Custom Keycap Set – an artisanal masterpiece meticulously crafted for discerning keyboard enthusiasts. Elevate your typing experience to new heights as you immerse yourself in a kaleidoscope of colors that dance across your fingertips.

This set, comprising a generous 140 keys, is a symphony of vibrant yellows seamlessly transitioning into a mesmerizing rainbow spectrum. Each keycap is a canvas of precision and artistry, showcasing the mastery of GMK+ in delivering not just a set of keys, but a visual and tactile feast for the senses. The yellow base evokes the warmth of sunlight, invoking a sense of productivity and creativity as you engage with your keyboard.

Crafted with double-shot injection molding, these keycaps are more than just visually stunning – they’re built for longevity and resilience. The legends, etched with microscopic precision, ensure that the characters remain sharp and clear over countless keystrokes. The KCA profile adds an ergonomic touch, optimizing comfort and performance for both typing and gaming.


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