GMK+ White OEM Custom Keycap Set


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The GMK+ White OEM Custom Keycap Set embraces the beauty of simplicity. Like a blank canvas awaiting the artist’s stroke, these keycaps invite you to create and customize your keyboard like never before. The pure white color exudes sophistication and class, making it a perfect choice for those who appreciate the timeless allure of monochromatic design. The GMK+ White OEM Custom Keycap Set features the OEM profile, known for its universal appeal and unmatched comfort. Each keycap is sculpted to provide a natural contour for your fingers, reducing typing fatigue and optimizing your typing experience. Whether you’re an avid typist, programmer, or gamer, these keycaps offer a premium feel with every keystroke.

With 108 keycaps at your disposal, the GMK+ White OEM Custom Keycap Set offers versatility like no other. You can customize your keyboard with a standard layout or get creative with unique layouts and macros. The set includes everything you need to give your keyboard a fresh, white makeover. Imagine typing on a keyboard that feels like a gentle snowfall. The GMK+ White OEM Custom Keycap Set captures that sensation perfectly. The keycaps’ matte finish not only looks stunning but also feels soft and smooth to the touch. It’s like running your fingers through freshly fallen snowflakes, creating a serene and calming typing experience.


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