GMK+ Tinted Orange Cherry Custom Keycap Set


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Tinted Orange isn’t just a color; it’s a journey into the warm embrace of creativity and passion. It’s the color of sunsets that ignite the sky with fiery enthusiasm, the shade of ripe, juicy citrus fruits that tantalize your taste buds, and the warmth of a crackling bonfire on a crisp autumn night. The GMK+ Tinted Orange Cherry Custom Keycap Set encapsulates all these sensations into your fingertips. These keycaps are more than just accessories; they’re artistic expressions of your personality. The Tinted Orange hue, with its subtle gradient, adds depth and dimension to your keyboard like a canvas waiting for your keystrokes to become a masterpiece. Each keycap is a brushstroke on the canvas of your digital world, making your keyboard a true work of art.

We understand that aesthetics alone aren’t enough. That’s why we’ve chosen the Cherry profile for these keycaps. The Cherry profile isn’t just about looks; it’s about ergonomics and comfort. Your fingers will glide effortlessly across the keys, reducing fatigue during extended typing sessions. It’s like typing on a cloud of creativity, each keypress imbued with the vibrancy of Tinted Orange. Imagine typing on a keyboard that feels like you’re chasing the setting sun across the horizon. The legends on each keycap are designed to evoke the warmth of a Tinted Orange sunset. The crisp, bold characters stand out, ensuring that every keystroke is not only comfortable but also visually captivating. With 143 keycaps at your disposal, you have the freedom to craft your own unique keyboard layout.

Juego de teclas de nube de carmín, tapas de llave subcama con tinte PBT, perfil de cereza para Keychron Anne GK64 Poker Varmilo FL980, 143 teclas



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