GMK+ Sushi Box V6 Custom Desk Mat


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The rich, warm colors on the GMK+ Sushi Box V6 Custom Desk Mat will transport you to this very scene. With its playful and appetizing design, you’ll find yourself drawn into the world of sushi. Vivid representations of sushi rolls, sashimi, and nigiri dance across the desk mat, tempting your senses. Every glance reminds you of the delicious treasures you find in a Sushi Box, waiting to be savored.

Measuring 900x400mm, the GMK+ Sushi Box V6 Custom Desk Mat is more than just a decorative accessory – it’s a functional masterpiece. The generous dimensions ensure that your keyboard, mouse, and other essentials have ample space to work their magic. Gone are the days of your mouse veering off the edge or your keyboard feeling cramped; this desk mat provides the ultimate canvas for your creativity to flourish.

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