GMK+ Space Rabbit MA Custom Keycap Set


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Dive into the enchanting universe of keyboard customization with the GMK+ Space Rabbit MA Custom Keycap Set—a symphony of artisanal design and functional precision. Crafted with the meticulous artistry that only true keycap enthusiasts can appreciate, this set transcends the boundaries of mere input devices, transforming your keyboard into a portal to another dimension.

Picture this: 144 keys, each a canvas for the whimsical masterpiece that is Space Rabbit. The colors dance in harmony, a cosmic ballet of midnight blues, celestial purples, and ethereal pinks that evoke the mysteries of the cosmos. The legends on each key are not just characters; they’re a secret language, a code that connects you to the universe of mechanical keystrokes.

These keycaps are not just plastic; they’re an experience. The double-shot injection molding ensures that legends won’t fade, keeping the vibrancy of Space Rabbit alive with every keystroke. The tactile sensation beneath your fingertips is a tactile sonnet, a subtle reminder that typing can be an art form.


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