GMK+ Shoko Olivia Cherry Custom Keycaps Set


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Step into the world of wonders with the GMK+ Shoko Olivia Cherry Custom Keycaps Set! Get ready to embark on an extraordinary keyboard adventure that will spark your imagination and bring magic to every keystroke. This enchanting keycap set, featuring cherry profile and a whopping 177 pieces, is here to make your typing dreams come true. But the beauty of this keycap set doesn’t stop there. It also offers exceptional durability, ensuring that each keycap stays pristine even after years of heavy use. Elevate your keyboard to a work of art and indulge in the pleasure of typing with this exquisite keycap set.

Gmk Shoko Olivia 177 Keys Cherry Profile Pbt Keycap Double Shot English Custom Personality Keycaps For Mechanical Keyboard 61



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