GMK+ Sakura Flower OEM Custom Keycap Set


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From the moment you lay your eyes upon the GMK+ Sakura Flower keycaps, you’ll be transported to a serene Japanese garden in full bloom. These keycaps pay homage to the Sakura, Japan’s cherished cherry blossom tree, with each keycap embodying the delicate petals that dance in the spring breeze. The soft, pastel pink color of these keycaps evokes the gentle blush of Sakura blossoms, while subtle gradients add depth, as if you’re standing beneath a cherry blossom tree, gazing up at the heavens.

Crafted in the iconic OEM profile, these keycaps provide an ergonomic typing experience that mirrors the comfort of resting your hands on a bed of Sakura petals. The OEM profile’s curved top surfaces gently cradle your fingertips, offering a delightful sensation that minimizes typing fatigue. With 135 keycaps, this set has you covered for all your keyboard customization needs. The legends on the keycaps are crisp and easy to read, ensuring not just a captivating aesthetic but also functional practicality.

GMK+ Sakura Flower OEM Custom Keycap Set


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