GMK+ Red Neon Cherry Custom Keycap Set


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Designed for enthusiasts who crave both performance and personality, the GMK+ Red Neon set is a homage to the iconic Cherry profile, ensuring a comfortable and familiar typing experience. The Cherry profile offers a sculpted, concave design that aligns perfectly with the natural contours of your fingers, enhancing your overall typing comfort and speed.

Each keycap is infused with a bold red neon hue, creating a mesmerizing glow that captivates attention and sets your keyboard apart. The legends on the keycaps are crisply rendered, ensuring longevity and readability for prolonged use. The colorway is carefully selected to strike the perfect balance between eye-catching vibrancy and professional elegance.

Teclas GMK Alter de 129 teclas, teclas PBT de perfil de cereza, teclas de tinte por sublimación, teclas de teclado mecánico japonés para interruptor MX


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