GMK+ Programmer Cherry Custom Keycap Set


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Introducing the GMK+ Programmer Cherry Custom Keycap Set, a meticulously crafted keyboard accessory designed to elevate your typing experience. With 129 expertly designed keycaps, this set offers an extensive array of keys to replace and customize your keyboard, ensuring both functionality and style.

Each keycap in this set is crafted with precision, bearing the hallmark quality of GMK+. The Cherry profile of these keycaps provides a comfortable and familiar typing experience, catering to enthusiasts and professionals alike. The profile mirrors the classic Cherry style, renowned for its ergonomic design and comfortable key height, making it an ideal choice for extended typing sessions.

Teclas programadoras de 129 teclas, Hello World Cherry Profile, PBT Dye, sublimación para teclado mecánico MX Switch con 1.75U


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