GMK+ Mori Calliope Series Cherry Custom Keycap Set


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Introducing the GMK+ Mori Calliope Series Cherry Custom Keycap Set, a meticulously crafted masterpiece that transcends the ordinary and elevates your typing experience to new heights. Designed with precision and inspired by the ethereal beauty of Mori Calliope, this keycap set is a tribute to creativity and individuality.

Unleash the power of 129 carefully sculpted keycaps, each bearing the hallmark of GMK+ excellence. These keycaps are not just tools for typing; they are a visual symphony, an expression of your unique style. The set includes everything you need to transform your keyboard into a work of art, from alphanumerics to function keys and beyond.

PBT Keycaps Cherry Profile Mori Calliope Dye Sub Custom Personalized Keycap For Mx Switch Gaming Mechanical Keyboard Link65


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