GMK+ Matcha XDA Custom Keycap Set

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Imagine the sensation of sipping a freshly brewed Matcha tea – the subtle bitterness, the earthy aroma, and the creamy texture. Now, picture translating that essence into your typing. The GMK+ Matcha XDA Custom Keycap Set captures this experience, making each keystroke a journey through the tea fields of Japan. The unique XDA profile, known for its flat, uniform design, lends an air of modern minimalism to your keyboard. It creates a level playing field for your fingers, ensuring that each keypress feels consistent and comfortable.

Our designers have painstakingly crafted each keycap with a delightful shade of green that mirrors the hues of fresh Matcha leaves. The legends, like intricate Matcha latte art, are rendered with precision and grace, ensuring that your keyboard looks as good as it feels. Whether you’re a seasoned coder, a creative writer, or a passionate gamer, the GMK+ Matcha XDA Custom Keycap Set caters to your needs. With 124 keys, you’ll find compatibility with most mechanical keyboards. Replace worn-out keycaps, switch to an ergonomic layout, or create your unique design – the possibilities are limitless.

1 review for GMK+ Matcha XDA Custom Keycap Set

  1. Robert

    This are the best keycaps I’ve bought, and I’ve bought quite a few! Super happy with my order

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