GMK+ Lollipop Single Keycap


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Dive into the whimsical world of keyboard aesthetics with the GMK+ Lollipop Single Keycap—a petite masterpiece that transcends the boundaries of ordinary typing. Crafted with meticulous precision, this keycap is a testament to the artistry of mechanical keyboards.

Picture this: a confectionery-inspired design that beckons you to a sugar-coated wonderland every time your fingers dance across the keys. The GMK+ Lollipop Single Keycap is more than just a keycap; it’s a tiny portal to joy in the midst of your typing escapades.

This artisan keycap is an ode to innovation, featuring a unique blend of vibrant colors that mimic the swirls of a lollipop. Each stroke registers a symphony of tactile delight, making typing a sensory experience. The high-quality ABS construction ensures durability, promising a long-lasting love affair with your keyboard.


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