GMK+ Lila MA Custom Keycap Set


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Dive into the enchanting world of keyboard customization with the GMK+ Lila MA Custom Keycap Set—an exquisite symphony of form and function that transcends the mundane. Crafted for discerning enthusiasts, this keycap set is a testament to the artistry of keyboard design.

At the heart of this masterpiece is the MA profile, a unique and ergonomic curvature that invites your fingertips to dance effortlessly across each key. It’s not just a keycap; it’s a tactile experience—a harmony of touch and aesthetics that elevates your typing escapades to new heights.

The GMK+ Lila MA set boasts a generous ensemble of 140 keys, each meticulously crafted to ensure a seamless integration with a variety of layouts. Whether you’re a coding virtuoso, a prose poet, or a gaming maestro, this set provides the canvas for your fingers to paint a symphony of commands and expressions.


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