GMK+ Hong Kong Cherry Custom Keycaps Set


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Introducing the GMK+ Hong Kong Cherry Custom Keycaps Set – an exquisite fusion of craftsmanship and cultural inspiration. Elevate your typing experience to new heights with this captivating keycap set that boasts 130 pieces in a mesmerizing cherry profile. Inspired by the vibrant city of Hong Kong, these custom keycaps bring the essence of its bustling streets, neon lights, and rich heritage to your fingertips. Each keycap is a masterpiece, intricately designed to showcase the city’s iconic landmarks, like the majestic Victoria Harbour, the breathtaking Peak Tram, and the lively Temple Street Night Market. Dive into a kaleidoscope of colors as you glide your fingers over the GMK+ Hong Kong Cherry Custom Keycaps Set.

YongQiu Hong Kong Style Keycaps PBT Dye Sub Key Caps Cherry Profile Keycap With 7U Spacebar ISO Enter For Mechanical Keyboard


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