GMK+ Ham Cherry Custom Keycaps Set


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Introducing the GMK+ Ham Cherry Custom Keycaps Set – a tasteful blend of form and function for the discerning keyboard enthusiast. Elevate your typing experience with this meticulously crafted set, designed with precision and a touch of culinary inspiration.

With a generous count of 176 keycaps, the GMK+ Ham Cherry set ensures that every keystroke is a symphony of comfort and style. The keys are not just keys; they’re a canvas for your fingertips, each cap meticulously sculpted to provide an optimal typing experience. The set includes all the keys you need, from the standard alphas to the specialized modifiers, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of layouts.

Inspired by the iconic Cherry profile, these keycaps offer a sculpted design that cradles your fingers with every press. The Cherry profile is renowned for its ergonomic shape, promoting a natural and comfortable typing position. The subtle concave and convex curves of each keycap create a symphony of touch that is both satisfying and efficient, making those extended typing sessions a breeze.

The GMK+ Ham Cherry Custom Keycaps Set is not just about functionality – it’s a statement of style. The colorway, a delightful fusion of rich reds and deep browns, is reminiscent of a perfectly cooked ham, adding a touch of warmth and sophistication to your keyboard. Whether you’re a seasoned typist or a casual user, these keycaps are sure to transform your keyboard into a work of art.

Upgrade your typing experience with the GMK+ Ham Cherry Custom Keycaps Set and savor the perfect blend of style and functionality. Your fingers deserve nothing less than the best, and GMK+ delivers.

GMK+ Ham Cherry Custom Keycaps Set


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