GMK+ GW XDA Custom Keycap Set


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Unlock a world of limitless possibilities with the GMK+ GW XDA Custom Keycap Set – a masterpiece of keyboard artistry that transcends the mundane. This exquisite keycap set, boasting a staggering 173 keys, will transport you to a realm where gaming and creativity merge seamlessly. Immerse yourself in the immersive theme of GW, and let your keyboard become a portal to a world of adventure and imagination. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the GMK+ GW XDA Custom Keycap Set is designed to redefine your typing experience. Its unique XDA profile offers a flat, uniform surface for your fingers to dance upon, providing unparalleled comfort and precision.

The GMK+ GW XDA Custom Keycap Set is not just a keycap set; it’s a journey waiting to be embarked upon. Each keycap tells a story, inviting you to explore a world where brave warriors, enigmatic wizards, and cunning rogues await your command. The keys themselves are adorned with intricate designs, inspired by the rich tapestry of the GW universe. As you type, you’ll feel a connection to this world, as though you’re guiding heroes on their epic quests. With 173 keycaps at your disposal, this set offers unparalleled compatibility with a wide range of mechanical keyboards.


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