GMK+ Gamer Version 2 XDA Custom Keycap Set


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There’s more to gaming than just pixels on a screen; it’s an experience, an escape into a world of epic adventures and fierce battles. The GMK+ Gamer Version 2 XDA Custom Keycap Set understands this, and it’s here to transform your keyboard into a gaming battleground. The 136 keycaps in this set are meticulously designed to provide gamers with the perfect balance between form and function. Crafted in the XDA profile, these keycaps offer a unique and comfortable typing experience.
The flat, uniform surface of XDA keycaps ensures consistent keypresses, reducing the learning curve for gamers transitioning from standard profiles. Your fingers will glide effortlessly across the keys, enhancing your in-game agility and reaction time. The Gamer Version 2 theme is not just a design; it’s a statement. Dive into a world where neon lights pulse to the rhythm of your gaming adventures, and where every keystroke feels like a battle cry. 

Teclas Retro Gameboy XDA para ordenador, accesorio para teclado mecánico MX Switch, perfil XDA, sublimación, PBT, 138 teclas


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