GMK+ Futuristic XDA Custom Keycap Set


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Unveil the future of keyboard customization with the GMK+ Futuristic XDA Custom Keycap Set. With 104 meticulously designed keycaps, this set transcends ordinary typing into a technological masterpiece, embodying a vision of tomorrow’s computing aesthetics right at your fingertips. In a world where keyboards are more than just tools, they are extensions of our creative minds, the GMK+ Futuristic XDA Custom Keycap Set emerges as a true embodiment of innovation. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these keycaps feature an XDA profile, known for its sleek and low-profile design, providing a futuristic canvas for your typing experience.

Each keycap embodies a glimpse of the future with its minimalist design and bold, crisp legends. The surface of the keycaps is smooth and uniform, delivering a unique tactile sensation that feels like typing on the very fabric of time itself. The GMK+ Futuristic XDA Custom Keycap Set captures the essence of tomorrow’s aesthetics. The color scheme merges metallic silver and electric blue, creating a futuristic ambiance that pulses with energy. This set includes a complete array of 104 keycaps, ensuring compatibility with most standard layouts.


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