GMK + Five Sides Series Cherry Custom Keycap Set


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With a total of 125 keycaps, this set provides comprehensive coverage for a wide range of keyboard layouts, ensuring compatibility with various setups. The keycaps are expertly molded using high-quality materials, promising durability and a satisfying tactile feel with each keystroke.

The GMK + Five Sides Series Cherry Custom Keycap Set boasts a Cherry profile, known for its ergonomic and comfortable design. The sculpted keycaps offer a natural feel under your fingertips, reducing typing fatigue and enhancing overall typing speed and accuracy. Whether you’re a professional gamer, a dedicated coder, or a creative writer, these keycaps provide the ideal platform for your daily typing endeavors.

125-key Gray gradient front engraved PBT DYE-Sublimation cherry profile mechanical keyboard keycap for 61/64/68/75/84/87/96/98


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