GMK+ Fishing Cherry Custom Keycaps Set


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Immerse yourself in the serene blues, vibrant greens, and shimmering golds of the GMK+ Fishing Keycaps. Each keycap features intricate designs inspired by the beauty of underwater life. From playful dolphins to graceful sea turtles, every detail is crafted with precision and care. The colors pop and come to life with every press, making typing a visual delight. Designed with the renowned Cherry profile, these keycaps offer a comfortable and satisfying typing experience. The sculpted shape conforms to your fingertips, providing a smooth and effortless typing flow. With 130 pieces in the set, your keyboard will have a complete makeover that will leave you in awe. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the GMK+ Fishing Cherry Custom Keycaps Set is also built to last.

GMK Fishing 174 Keys Cherry Profile English Double Shot Custom Personality Keycap For Mechanical Keyboard 61/64/68/75/84/87/96


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