GMK+ Fairy Traces Cherry Mounted PCB Stabilizer


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Introducing the GMK+ Fairy Traces Cherry Mounted PCB Stabilizer – the artisanal touch your mechanical keyboard has been yearning for! Crafted for connoisseurs of clickety-clack perfection, these stabilizers redefine keystroke satisfaction.

Picture this: a symphony of tactile brilliance, as your fingers dance upon the keys, each press accompanied by a delightful harmony, courtesy of these six exquisite stabilizers. Precision-engineered for Cherry MX switches, these stabilizers elevate your typing experience to a level where every keystroke feels like a serenade.

The Fairy Traces, with their ethereal design, transcend the mundane and dive into the realm of mechanical keyboard enchantment. Imbued with a touch of magic, they not only stabilize your keycaps but also elevate the auditory pleasure of your typing escapades. The click-clack symphony produced is nothing short of a mechanical marvel, a mellifluous melody that resonates with the true essence of mechanical keyboards.

But it’s not just about the sound; it’s about the feel. The Fairy Traces ensure a buttery-smooth keypress, eliminating any unwanted wobbles or inconsistencies. Your fingers will thank you for the tactile bliss, and your ears will rejoice in the harmonious cadence of each click.

Estabilizadores de PCB autolubricados montados Cherry, eje satélite para la mayoría de teclas modificadoras de teclado mecánico, intercambio en caliente POM completo


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