GMK+ Cupcake XDA Custom Keycap Set


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With a total of 133 meticulously crafted keycaps, the GMK+ Pink Rockstar XDA Custom Keycap Set provides you with everything you need to turn your keyboard into a rockstar’s stage. The keycaps are designed in the XDA profile, ensuring a uniform and sleek look across your keyboard. Each keycap is sculpted to perfection, allowing your fingers to dance effortlessly on the keys. The Pink Rockstar theme is all about embracing your inner rebel with a hint of glam. Picture yourself on a neon-lit stage, the crowd cheering, your fingers flying across your keyboard as you type with the confidence of a true rockstar. That’s the feeling you’ll get every time you use the GMK+ Pink Rockstar XDA Custom Keycap Set.

The keycaps are a vibrant shade of pink, exuding a bold and unapologetic attitude. They’re infused with a luminous glow, reminiscent of the dazzling stage lights that illuminate a rock concert. The legends on the keycaps are sharp and dynamic, adding to the overall visual impact. Whether you’re typing up a report or composing a symphony of code, you’ll do it with style. Just like a rockstar’s resilience on stage, these keycaps are built to last. Crafted from high-quality materials, they are resistant to wear and tear, ensuring that your keyboard retains its rockstar allure for years to come. Whether you’re performing marathon gaming sessions or tackling an all-night coding project, these keycaps will stand up to the challenge.


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