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Introducing the GMK+ Cleaning Kit, your ultimate companion in maintaining pristine cleanliness for your beloved gadgets. This meticulously curated kit is designed with the modern user in mind, offering a sleek and efficient solution to keep your devices spotless. The dazzling White Brush Accessories edition adds a touch of elegance to your cleaning routine, making it a stylish essential for tech enthusiasts.

At the heart of this kit is the specially crafted white brush, engineered with precision to gently remove dust, lint, and debris from the most intricate corners of your devices. Its soft bristles ensure a thorough clean without the risk of scratching delicate surfaces, making it suitable for everything from keyboards to camera lenses.

The GMK+ Cleaning Kit goes beyond aesthetics, boasting a powerful cleaning solution that is both effective and safe. The cleaning solution is specially formulated to break down grime and sanitize surfaces without compromising the integrity of your gadgets. Say goodbye to smudges, fingerprints, and unsightly marks with just a few sweeps of the brush.

Compact and portable, the GMK+ Cleaning Kit is ready to accompany you wherever your tech ventures take you. Whether you’re at home, in the office, or on the go, this kit ensures that your devices remain as sleek and flawless as the day you brought them home.

Elevate your cleaning routine with the GMK+ Cleaning Kit White Brush Accessories edition—a perfect blend of functionality and style. Embrace the future of device maintenance and let your gadgets shine with the brilliance they deserve.

Kit de cepillo de limpieza de taza y cubierta de teclado, herramientas múltiples, limpiador de teclas, cosas útiles para el hogar, eliminación de Limescale, eliminación de polvo de teclado


Respetuoso con el medio ambiente




Cepillo de ordenador








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